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Ten tips for managing and auditing Active Directory

Why attend this webinar?

Active Directory (AD) holds the keys to the kingdom in IT. Despite its importance, AD is often not managed and monitored properly, resulting in security loopholes that can be exploited by malicious actors. For example, inactive users or security groups with no members in them pose a security risk. Further, unchecked changes occurring in AD, such as an unwarranted escalation of privileges, can jeopardize an organization’s security.

Efficient management and continuous auditing are vital for ensuring security and compliance. In this tech talk, Megha, our IAM specialist, and Sid, our IT security specialist, will talk about crucial aspects of managing and auditing AD. They will discuss various use cases for effective AD management and auditing, such as cleaning up stale accounts, tracking group membership changes, and more. They will also demonstrate how ManageEngine AD360 can be your one-stop solution for AD management and auditing.


  • Common security mistakes in AD.
  • Creating an efficient process for user life cycle management.
  • Reporting on AD objects such as users and groups.
  • Tracking logon activity and analyzing account lockouts.
  • Triggering alerts in real time for critical changes.
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15 Oct 2019


16:00h - 16:45h




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