>>ManageEngine: Securing files and preventing data leaks>

ManageEngine: Securing files and preventing data leaks

  • Why attend this webinar?

    Implementing a robust data security plan requires multiple technical measures. In this webinar, we’ll cover various crucial aspects of data security, from data visibility and auditing to data leak prevention. We’ll also demonstrate how ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus can boost your security posture and help you comply with data protection regulations.

    By attending this webinar, you will learn how to:

    • Discover and classify personally identifiable information (PII)

    • Analyze file storage and validate permissions

    • Ensure the integrity of data in files

    • Mitigate attacks on file servers, such as ransomware

    • Implement controls for preventing data leaks on endpoints

    • Achieve data security and compliance with ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus

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23 Abr 2020


11:00h - 11:45h




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