>>ManageEngine: MITRE ATT&CK training: Staying ahead of adversarial tactics>

ManageEngine: MITRE ATT&CK training: Staying ahead of adversarial tactics

Why attend this webinar?

The MITRE ATT&CK framework is an extensive knowledgebase of tactics, techniques and procedures that an adversary might use to compromise an organization. This framework identifies 12 main tactics or technical goals that adversaries have, and each of these tactics are associated with multiple techniques. Techniques describe how tactics are accomplished. The framework also has a list of procedures that describe how specific techniques are implemented at the time of a compromise.

Using this framework, organizations can understand the modus-operandi of attackers, and be better prepared to defend themselves.

Join this webinar to learn to stay ahead of adversarial tactics.


  • The 12 tactics of the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

  • The array of techniques to accomplish tactics.

  • Procedures to implement techniques.

  • A sample journey of an attacker as they traverse the framework.

  • How this framework can benefit organizations.

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22 Dic 2020


11:00h - 11:45h




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