>>ManageEngine: Is your network ready to handle a remote workforce?>

ManageEngine: Is your network ready to handle a remote workforce?

The current Covid-19 pandemic has forced a lot of enterprises to switch to a work-from-home model. Given the rapid change in operations, IT administrators need to remodel their IT infrastructure to ensure business continuity.

However, this is easier said than done, as quickly shifting to a remote work model brings in numerous complications to your IT operations. Complications such as, compromised network security, need for constant configuration changes, insufficient VPN capacity, and inability to scale mobile IT devices for remote employees.

Even a single security incident may cost the company millions of dollars and an unnoticed configuration mistake might result in data theft. These complications do not only impact a company’s productivity but also its reputation in the market.

In this webinar, we will discuss how to:

  • Monitor, measure and plan your VPN capacity ensuring productivity
  • Secure your IT operations for a remote workforce and thereby protect your network form attacks
  • Securely deploy BYOD for your remote employees
  • Manage configuration changes in your network from a remote location
  • Adhere to compliance mandates and address the latest changes in these mandates
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6 May 2020


17:00h - 18:00h




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