>>Hardening password security across hybrid Active Directory in 2020>
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Hardening password security across hybrid Active Directory in 2020

About this webinar

Passwords — the baselines for security and the first line of defense for an organization —  may seem like a widely-known topic, but passwords are still a critical problem in cybersecurity today. In 2019, vulnerable passwords were one of the leading factors for breaches. Demystifying the problems surrounding passwords has always been a challenge for many organizations, and poor password etiquette can impact an organization in a number of ways, affecting help desk costs, compromising on end-user productivity, and of course, jeopardizing security.

In hybrid environments especially, things are only getting worse;  on top of this, there’s been an alarming increase in the number of passwords a user must remember.
The answer to these challenges lies in a solution that addresses the security concerns around passwords, is adaptable to an organization’s growing needs, and most importantly, considers the end user’s experience to be paramount.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify users with weak passwords and strengthen passwords with stringent password policies.
  • Double-check user legitimacy using two-factor authentication (2FA) techniques.
  • Simplify the end-user experience, and establish a single point of entry for enhanced security for all custom logons in a hybrid environment with single sign-on (SSO).


7 Ene 2020


12:00h - 13:00h




Online ME