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Hybrid Active Directory webinar series 3

Securing your hybrid Active Directory infrastructure: Detecting changes to AD infrastructure

It’s nearly impossible to know when security changes occur in Active Directory (AD), unless you’re the one making the changes. Incorrect and malicious security changes to key areas in AD can expose your entire enterprise to attacks. Receiving real-time alerts when these changes occur gives you a chance to review all changes immediately, and will help you secure AD from an attack. Let AD MVP Derek Melber show you what you need to do.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to monitor all AD changes
  • Which AD groups should be monitored
  • What Group Policy changes you can track
  • How to set up honeypots to detect attacks on AD

No te pierdas esta serie de webinars (en inglés) en el cual Derek Melber hablará sobre Auditoría y seguridad de Directorio Activo.


25 Jul 2019


20:00h - 20:45h




Online ME 25719

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