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Kanguru Solutions is an industry pioneer, providing secure hardware encrypted, portable data devices, remote management, duplication equipment and more. We pride ourselves in our quality products, and go the extra mile with FIPS 140-2 Certification, Common Criteria EAL 2+ evaluation and more to bring you the most innovative, secure solutions.  Kanguru Solutions is a solutions-oriented company that continues to develop cutting edge, portable data solutions worldwide to help organizations meet their sensitive data and security needs.

Kanguru Solutions

Kanguru Defender Secure Data Storage

The Kanguru Defender Series makes data security simple by offering a convenient range of hardware encrypted, data protection options. From enterprise business and government applications to non-profit or personal home use, there is a security solution available for you. The Kanguru Defender product line of secure drives secure your sensitive data easily with no software to install, or admin rights necessary because the encryption is built right into the device.