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Secure web gateway solutions require more than URL filtering. Web security solutions that not only protect the users at the gateway, but which provide an extra level of protection, allowing administrators to implement “acceptable use” policies as well.

Ericom Shield for Secure Browsing

The safest way to let users browse the web, Ericom Shield for Secure Browsing protects both the network and end users from browser-borne threats by detouring, containing, and disposing of all potentially risky web content in a remote safe zone without the installation of any end point software. End users can now browse securely and enjoy a seamless native user experience to maximize their productivity.

Sophos Secure Web Gateway

Sophos Secure Web Gateway provides advanced protection against web threats. It is presented as cloud solution ( Sophos Secure Web Gateway) and as physical or virtual hardware solution ( Sophos Secure Web Appliance).

Trustwave Secure Web Gateway

Trustwave Secure Web Gateway (formerly Finjan) offers the best Web security and the most flexible deployment options in the industry, providing full coverage to every user, regardless of connection or location. It protects organizations from even the most complex malware while enabling productive access to Web 2.0 applications. Centralized policy control and a single interface make Trustwave Secure Web Gateway easy to manage, whether it's deployed as a traditional appliance, virtual appliance, hybrid cloud or any combination of the three.

Trustwave Web Filtering

Trustwave Web Filtering (formerly WebMarshal) is a software-based, comprehensive in-bound and outbound Web traffic control and management, threat protection (URL, AV and malware filtering) and data leakage prevention solution. It's policy-based, easy-to-manage and highly scalable.