>>>NAC (Network Access Control)
NAC (Network Access Control)

NAC (Network Access Control)

NAC (Network Access Control) solutions that protect corporate networks by implementing policies that must be complied by all devices that are conecting to the network; if a device does not comply with the policy, it is not allowed to interact with any other network elements until the compliance is verified.

Macmon Network Access Control

The macmon NAC solution allows to know who is in the network at any time and efficiently monitor your devices while protecting them against unauthorized access. Grant access to guest and employee devices (BYOD) easily and securely. Available in pay-per-use mode for Service Providers.  

Trustwave NAC

Trustwave NAC (Network Access Control) offers the maximum protection for your network. It controls which devices can connect to network resources, using a simple and reliable workflow that ensures that all devices meet the established policies before connecting. As opposed to other NAC solutions, it is agentless, which makes Trustwave NAC easy to evaluate, implement and manage, being also one of the most cost-effective solutions in the market.