Financial Services

Flexible credit limits

IREO uses up-to-date financial analysis tools, third-party credit ratings systems and collection insurance, in order to minimize risk and ensure timely collection. In turn, this allows us to offer the best credit terms possible to our resellers. In many cases, credit limits can be increased substantially for specific projects upon request.


“Renting Tecnológico” is a form of financing offered by 3rd party financing companies, for periods of 1 to 3 years. It’s similar to Leasing and consists in a rental agreement that allows the reseller or end user to use the hardware or software products with monthly or quarterly payments. IREO has agreements with several financing companies in Spain to offer the best terms possible for our resellers and their customers.


“Confirming” is a third-party service offered by most banks, which ensures the timely collection of invoices. This form of payment eliminates the risk of late payments, therefore facilitating the approval of extended credit or increased credit limits for special projects.

Credit card payments

Resellers can pay their invoices by credit card with through IREO’s online store, with no commissions or extra charges. This form of payment is offered as an alternative to the traditional payment terms and often represents a flexible alternative for the reseller.

Direct debit payment terms

IREO offers a no-hassle direct debit system for resellers who want to automate payments. This form of payment helps minimize the risk of late payments, and helps build a healthy payment history, which in turn can lead to higher credit ratings.