Trustwave is one of the largest security software vendors in the market, with several market-leading products including their gateway security and content analysis solutions, Web Application Firewall (WAF), SIEM, NAC and other solutions. The secret to Trustwave's success is their advanced technology, low cost and ease of use and administration.


 MailMarshal de M86 Security MailMarshal SMTP is a total email content security solution that unifies anti-spam, email threat protection, content security, policy enforcement and data leakage prevention. It acts as an email gateway with an in-Depth anti-spam engine—filtering all incoming and outgoing email at the perimeter. It's highly scalable, flexible and easy to manage .

Web Marshal

WebMarshal de M86  Security WebMarshal is a software-based, comprehensive in-bound and outbound Web traffic control and management, threat protection (URL, AV and malware filtering) and data leakage prevention solution. It's policy-based, easy-to-manage and highly scalable .

Secure Web Gateway

 Trustwave's Secure Web Gateway (SWG), formerly Finjan, offers the best Web security and the most flexible deployment options in the industry, providing full coverage to every user, regardless of connection or location. It protects organizations from even the most complex malware while enabling productive access to Web 2.0 applications. Centralized policy control and a single interface make SWG easy to manage, whether it's deployed as a traditional appliance, virtual appliance, hybrid cloud or any combination of the three.

 WebDefend Web Application Firewall

Trustwave WebDefend WAF is a Web Application Firewall solution that protects the most vulnerable part of your network: the web applications. WebDefend analyzes incoming and outgoing traffic, controlling access to web applications, allowing legitimate traffic, blocking potential data leaks and protecting your company from targeted attacks.

 Trustwave SIEM

Trustwave SIEM is a logging and event management appliance that is quick to deploy and easy to use. It enables your organization to analyze logs from all your security devices, while decreasing the number of security-related and compliance-related incidents. There is an appliance model for every budget and one appliance can respond to the reporting and investigation requirements for any size organization - small and large.

Network Access Control (NAC)

Trustwave Network Access Control (NAC) offers the maximum protection for your network. It controls which devices can connect to network resources, using a simple and reliable workflow that ensures that all devices meet the established policies before connecting. As opposed to other NAC solutions, it is agentless, which makes Trustwave NAC easy to evaluate, implement and manage, being also one of the most cost-effective solutions in the market. 

SpiderLabs Penetration Testing Service

 Trustwave's managed service for external vulnerability scanning is an excellent base for audit and diagnosis of vulnerabilities in internet-facing systems and applications. The service can be delivered through authorized partners who add their own value to the analytical reports generated by Trustwave's system.

Trustwave AppDetectivePRO

Trustwave AppDetectivePRO is a database and big data store scanner that can immediately uncover configuration mistakes, identification and access control issues, missing patches or any toxic combination of settings that could lead to escalation-of-privilege or denial-of-service attacks, data leakage or unauthorized modification of data.

Trustwave DbProtect

DbProtect is a data security platform that uncovers database configuration mistakes, identification and access control issues, missing patches, or any toxic combination of settings that could lead to escalation of privileges attacks, data leakage, denial-of-service (DoS), or unauthorized modification of data held within data stores (relational databases and Big Data).