CyberoamCyberoam, a division of Elitecore Technologies offers comprehensive security solutions for organizations in a rapidly evolving external and insider threat environment. Cyberoam’s security offerings for its global customers include UTM, Endpoint Data Protection, Cyberoam Central Console (CCC) and Cyberoam iView. Founded in 1999, Elitecore Technologies is led by a strong management team with in-depth experience in the security domain. With 400+ employees, Elitecore has offices in Boston, USA, and has its R&D and Global Support Management Centre in India. 

 Cyberoam Next Generation Firewall

 Cyberoam gateway security appliance offers protection from blended threats that include virus, spam, malware, phishing, pharming. Its unique identity-based security based on Layer 8 technology protects enterprises from internal threats that lead to data theft and loss by giving complete visibility into and control over internal users .