Security solutions

UTM, cortafuegos y sistemas VPN
IREO offers a broad collection of security solutions, representing market-leading vendors who provide the most advanced technologies for protecting corporate networks, systems and users.


Audit and compliance

IREO offers a broad range of powerful solutions for audit and compliance, especially in terms of access control and identity management for corporate networks and systems. These solutions provide detailed visibility into who is doing what and where, at all times.

Multi-factor authentication

The use of 2-factor and 2-way strong authentication is an absolute requirement for systems that are accessible accross Intenet, such as webmail, VPN, and other corporate applications. Access to these systems should entail the use of security tokens, which may consist in hardware devices, or virtual tokens installed on mobile phones, as well as other methods. IREO proposes solutions that offer absolute flexibility, ease of use and quick implementation, at a fraction of the price of other solutions.

Data protection and encryption

IREO offers several solutions for data encryption and protection, from policy File Encryption solutions to Full Disk Encryption, as well as specific solutions for encrypting USB drives, email communications, and much more. Most of these solutions are policy-driven, integrated with Active Directory and can be managed through a single administration console.

Firewall, UTM and other network perimeter security solutions

IREO offers a wide range of solutions designed to protect corporate network resources from outsider threats. In addition to general firewalls and Unified Threat Management platforms, IREO offers specific perimeter security solutions including Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and Intrusion Prevention systems.

DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

DLP solutions allow organizations to monitor, audit, analyze and control the activity of end users, in relation to the transfer of information from the endpoint. These solutions monitor and control the use of media such as email, web, instant messaging, USB port and other data exit points. Easy to implement and very flexible, they are very effective for protecting confidential information and ensuring compliance with data protection policies.

Endpoint Security

The anti-malware solutions proposed by IREO respond to the requirements of companies of any size.

Centralized password management and access control

Centralized password management and access control allows organizations to effectively share passwords and grant users access to company resources, in a centralized and manageable way. Automatic workflows allow for compliance with password policies, including automatic resets directly in remote systems; other features include session control, workflows for granting or removing access to resources based on user profiles, and of course a full audit trail of who has access to each resource at all times.

Identity and privilege management

The centralized management of users, passwords, permissions and access to network resources is one of the most critical aspects of IT security, and is often overlooked. The solutions proposed by IREO allow adminsitrators to centrally control who has access to what, and with what level of permissions: not only in Windows and Unix/Linux but with regards to network devices as well.

Vulnerability assessment and management

IREO offers excellent alternatives for auditing networks and critical systems, identifying vulnerabilities and remediation. These solutions include vulnerability scanning (internal or external) as well as security compliance auditing.

NAC (Network Access Control)

Network Access Control (NAC) solutions protect corporate networks by implementing policies that must be complied with by all devices that connect to the network. If a device does not comply with the policy, it is not allowed to interact with any other network elements until the compliance is verified.

Email and web protection at the gateway

Email security in the gateway implies more than anti-spam and anti-virus scanning. Likewise, secure web gateway solutions require more than URL filtering. IREO offers email and web security solutions that not only protect the users at the gateway, but which provide an extra layer of protection, allowing administrators to implement acceptable use policies as well.

SIEM (Security Infrastructure Event Management)

Security Information Event Management (SIEM) solutions collect, analyze, correlate and prioritize security-related events that occur in the network. IREO offers several types of solutions, from basic syslog or firewall-centric analyzers, up to full-blown SIEM solutions that help automate the event management process in keeping with the security "best practices" and compliance standards.

Wireless Network Security

Wi-Fi networks are often a weak spot in network security strategies. Traditional defense systems are incapable of disabling rogue devices, preventing unauthorized access and blocking specific attacks. IREO proposes new-generation solutions for intelligent, secure and flexible Wi-Fi networks, with market-leading WIPS security, Social Wi-Fi and other advanced features.