Strong authentication and security tokens   

Autenticación fuerte y tokens de seguridad The use of 2-factor and 2-way strong authentication is an absolute requirement for systems that are accessible accross Intenet, such as webmail, VPN, and other corporate applications. Access to these systems should entail the use of security tokens, which may consist in hardware devices, or virtual tokens installed on mobile phones, as well as other methods. IREO proposes solutions that offer absolute flexibility, ease of use and quick implementation, at a fraction of the price of other solutions .

Dual Shield Unified Authentication Platform

  Through one single platform, DualShield Unified Authentication Platform  provides a rich set of user credentials and authentication methods including software and hardware OTP tokens, PKI smart tokens, keystroke and voice biometrics and risk based device authentication. It enables business organisations to deploy strong authentication across Enterprise network, Internet and Mobile applications .