Networking solutions

IREO offers Networking solutions from market-leading vendors, that meet the requirements of any kind of networking project, for companies of any size. IREO also has a highly qualified team of consultants who can assist you in configuring the ideal solution for your requirements.


Switches / Routers

  The switching and connectivity solutions are divided into three types: Enterprise / Campus (for corporate networks); switching systems designed specifically for Data Center; and connetivity solutions for the netorking requirements of small and medium companies.

Wireless solutions

IREO offers complete solutions for implementing, integrating and securing wireless networks of any size and architecture, from simple Wi-Fi access for small networks up to complete Enterprise solutions that provide advanced management and security features.

Network Access Control (NAC)

Network Access Control (NAC) solutions protect corporate networks by implementing policies that must be complied with by all devices that connect to the network. If a device does not comply with the policy, it is not allowed to interact with any other network elements until the compliance is verified.

Network management tools

IREO offers a wide array of tools and solutions for monitoring, managing and optimizing network infrastructures. These solutions make the network administrators job easier, improving the end user experience and avoiding unnecessary downtime by detecting problems before they impact the network.