DLP at the endpoint

Inventario automático y auditoría de redesDLP solutions allow organizations to monitor, audit, analyze and control the activity of end users, in relation to the transfer of information from the endpoint. These solutions monitor and control the use of media such as email, web, instant messaging, USB port and other data exit points. Easy to implement and very flexible, they are very effective for protecting confidential information and ensuring compliance with data protection policies.

Datalocker DL3Datalocker DL3

The DL3 sets a new standard for encrypted portable storage.  It’s security that’s “simply secure”.  No software is ever needed to manage, encrypt or deploy the DL3.  Simply connect, authenticate with your personal passcode, and go. Perfect for users who expect the best in speed, storage and security. With advanced features like a rotating keypad, self destruct mode, lightning fast USB 3.0 connection and storage up to 2 Terabytes with SSD options, you’ll never look at external Storage the same way again.

Datalocker Sentry 3.0DataLocker Sentry

The Sentry 3.0 combines DataLocker’s certified and proven technology with USB 3.0 speed. This next generation, smart USB drive combines 100% hardware encryption with the ability to connect to a remote management system. A USB drive has never been so secure and fast while still taking advantage of the agility of portable storage.

EndPoint Protector

Portable devices such as USB flash drives and smartphones may cause severe issues when it comes to controlling data use within and outside the company. As a full DLP product, Endpoint Protector 4 prevents users from taking unauthorized data outside the company or bringing potential harmful files on USB devices, files which can have a significant impact on your network’s health.

Prot-On File Protection

Prot-On File Protection is a SaaS service that allows companies to protect and share their sensitive files and documents. It allows users to set access policies that determine who is allowed to read, print and copy the information. These policies can be modified at any time, through a simple web-based console. Prot-On can be hosted on premise or in the cloud. No other IRM (Information Rights Management) solution is so complete and so easy to use.

Sophos Endpoint Protection

  Sophos Endpoint ProtectionSophos Endpoint Protection makes it simple to secure your Windows, Mac and Linux systems against malware and advanced threats, such as targeted attacks. Our next-generation endpoint protection integrates innovative technology like malicious traffic detection with real-time threat intelligence from SophosLabs to help you prevent, detect and remediate threats with ease. We also add web filtering, application control, device control and more right into the lightweight endpoint agent, so your organization’s policies are enforced anywhere your users go.

Spector 360Veriato 360

Veriato 360 (formerly Spector 360) will automatically capture all employee Internet and desktop activity whether they are in the office, traveling or working remotely on both Windows or Mac OS. Veriato 360 records detailed information about aspects such as the usage of applications, email, instant messaging, internet usage, access to documents and files, printing, file transfer to USB devices and much more. In addition, through a first of its kind surveillance-like camera recording tool, Veriato 360 shows you in exact visual detail what an employee does every step of the way. With Veriato 360 you can generate high-quality management reports of your findings that can be printed or emailed on a regular basis. Veriato 360 is designed for business, education and government users with networked Mac and Windows computers.


TITUS Classification System

  TITUS offers a series of solutions designed to help classify all information that flows within and outside the organization. This simple yet complete classification system is compatible with most of the industry-leading DLP, web and email content filtering solutions, automatic encryption solutions and other systems for auditing, analyzing and controlling the flow of sensitive information.