File and server auditing 

 Auditoría de Ficheros Security "best practices" (and many Data Protection laws) require auditing tools be used to monitor access to the files that contain sensitive information.  IREO offers a range of tools that help detect (and avoid) intentional or accidental access to confidential information by non-authorized personnel .

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus

ADAudit Plus is an enterprise-wide Active Directory change auditing software with reports and alerts that addresses the most-needed security, audit and compliance demands set forth by regulatory and government bodies, and provides an IT administrator the right business add-ons to assist in the execution of a change management action  .

PowerBroker Auditor for for File System

PowerBroker Auditor for File SystemPowerBroker Auditor for Windows File System enables tighter security and control over File System resources across the enterprise. It provides real-time tracking, interactive analysis, and flexible reporting on all key share, file, and folder changes. Administrators can instantly know the "WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN" for every access and change event, and schedule reports for data owners to show them who is accessing and modifying their data.