Audit of end user activity at the endpoint

 Inventario automático y auditoría de redesIREO offers excellent solutions for auditing end user activity at the endpoint. These tools, which form an important part of DLP strategy as well as forensic investigations, allow administrators to understand in detail what each user is doing at all times: application usage, data transfer, websites visited, file and directory access, and much more. 

Spector 360Veriato 360

Veriato 360 (formerly Spector 360) will automatically capture all employee Internet and desktop activity whether they are in the office, traveling or working remotely on both Windows or Mac OS. Veriato 360 records detailed information about aspects such as the usage of applications, email, instant messaging, internet usage, access to documents and files, printing, file transfer to USB devices and much more. In addition, through a first of its kind surveillance-like camera recording tool, Veriato 360 shows you in exact visual detail what an employee does every step of the way. With Veriato 360 you can generate high-quality management reports of your findings that can be printed or emailed on a regular basis. Veriato 360 is designed for business, education and government users with networked Mac and Windows computers.


Spector CNEVeriato Investigator

 Veriato Ingvestigator (formerly Spector CNE Investigator) automatically documents and archives everything your employees do on the computer and the Internet including: what web sites they are visiting, who they are instant messaging with, who they are emailing, what they are typing, when they are working and when they are playing. Veriato Investigator features automated deployment, remote management tools and will record a wide range of PC activity including Email, Chat/IM, Web Surfing, Keystrokes and Programs used. Veriato Investigator also includes award-winning video-style screen snapshot recording. Veriato Investigator is designed for business, education and government users running a Windows based network.